Hoggardens Farm    Homestead Dairy Goats


Hoggardens Farm        Liberty, KY    606-787-4533
2015 Kids are here now!

Hoggardens is located in beautiful south central Kentucky just outside Liberty, Kentucky. To avoid some confusion we have no hogs. Hoggardens actually stands for Heirloom Organic Gardens. We raise dual purpose dairy/meat goats for the homestead. We have a closed herd, tested CAE negative. Our kids are hand bottle raised making them very people friendly.

Our philosophy is to raise easy to handle, healthy and hardy dairy goats. We mix our own food and raise our own organic hay. All of our food is corn and soy free. We are a small farm that practices sustainable agriculture.

We decided on Nubian and LaMancha dairy goats for several reasons:  they produce the richest milk of all the dairy breeds, their temperament makes them easy to handle, and they are excellent mothers.

Our goal is to help you establish your herd to produce all of your own antibiotic and chemical free dairy products, as well as an ongoing supply of meat.  We also sell our excess bucks for meat.

We provide unlimited support to help you get started and to help you solve any problems that may arise.

Our highly trained and efficient staff are waiting to serve you

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